How is Langara Digital Club (LDC) different from other clubs? 

Langara Digital Club focuses solely on the owls – as the club members are known. Each activity or project is carried out because it benefits the members in some way. We are the only fashion focused Langara College club and we’re trying to mix fashion with everything digital – from digital photography, graphic design to digital marketing. We at LDC do not believe in titles, we believe in hard work, having fun doing what we love while slowly building a portfolio that will land us our dream job.

How much of a time commitment is being a part of the Langara Digital Club? 

You get what you give. The more work you put in, the more will you learn and the more relevant experience will you gain. We do not believe in policing and the club members do not pledge part-time or full-time commitment before they are accepted. However, ideal LDC member is someone who is proactive, hardworking and can do the best with the limited amount of time.

I’m not pursuing a business degree but I’m interested in the LDC. Can I still join? 

YES PLEASE! Digital marketing focus is only one aspect of the club and we concentrate on so many more. Our members come from different programs such as marketing, graphic design, biology, computer science, photography, engineering, business management, acting or publishing.

What happens at the meetings?


Meetings are currently not open to students outside the club but if you’d like to learn more about us, let’s meet and talk 🙂

Why should I join LDC?

You want to join Langara Digital Club because you know that college is not over just because your class ended. We like to think that our college experience should be about amazing memories we will cherish forever, great friends we make on our way and especially hands-on experience the classes won’t give you. In short, amazing memories + amazing community + amazing experience is what LDC is about.

What fashion events does LDC attend?

So far we were lucky to be able to attend Vancouver Fashion Week and Eco Fashion Week and we hope to attend more fashion events in the near future so if you know about anything you’d like us to cover, let us know and we’ll be there.

What is LDC logo about?



This is our LDC owl and it is everything we inspire to be: stylish, smart and determined. The owl also happens to love neon orange, oversized sunglasses & bow ties. It is our hope that each time you have an eye contact with this owl, you will feel determined to achieve whatever goals you set up for yourself (do you feel that neon orange motivation going through your body?)


How was LDC started?

Langara Digital Club was started by Martina Ondrasekova, a Langara College student, in her third year when she got bored waiting for 49 bus and decided to browse job postings on her phone. This made her realize she was barely meeting minimal qualifications potential employers were looking for which lead to a low-key panic attack. She looked at the students lining up behind her and imagined them having that same panic attack couple of years from now. When Langara School of Management ceased the social media activities of a small yet proactive group of students lead by our hero Stephanie Koonar, it was an ultimate sign to start a platform where students could gain that valuable experience Vancouver companies are looking for in their job postings.

Martina wanted to start a club where members do not focus on just one activity but are flexible to experience everything they want. She wanted to start a community that is here for the members and not the other way around. Her answer to “How do you want me to do it?” is always “However you like!” And that’s the essence of LDC. It is 100% about members and it stands behind its members 100%.

How do I get in touch with LDC?

You can contact us through this website or e-mail us at hello@langaradigitalclub.com

What is a Fashion Story?

Fashion Story is the interview accompanied by a photoshoot. Langara Digital Club focuses not only on promoting LDC members and their work but also inspiring fashion style and stories of students attending Langara College.  Examples of these stories can be viewed here.

I would like to be profiled for a Fashion Story. Whom should I contact? 

If you think you are the right candidate, please e-mail us at hello@langaradigitalclub.com and type into the subject field Fashion Story. Don’t forget to let us know why you think you are the right candidate and also include your Instagram account (if it’s set on private, send us couple of pictures of your style).

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