Langara Digital Club

SOFÍA | Fashion Profile

Sofía is a rara avis in today’s plastic world that puts Kardashians on pedestal & the cover of every fashion magazine (I’m looking at you September issue of Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar). No make up, unique thrift store pieces & yet she still manages to turn heads. As Coco Chanel once famously said: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Sofía is all that and more: simple, elegant, naturally beautiful, interesting & smart. The proof of that lies below. Read More


Hipster Barbie And Her Legacy

Strategically positioned coffee mugs and lifestyle magazines: check.
Artfully arranged travel must haves: check.
Perfectly styled outdoor escapades: check.
Magazine-worthy gf/bf moment: check. Read More

Harajuku Fashion Walk Interview

Colourful hairstyles, eye-catching outfits, unique accessories… It is inevitable that everyone will stop to stare. And everyone truly stopped and stared on Saturday, February 20 which marked the very first Harajuku Fashion Walk that came to the streets of downtown Vancouver. Read More

PAOLO | Fashion Profile

PAOLO SANTOS GETS IT! Popular Langara beau who never disappoints to put a smile on our face (and yours too if you know him) seems to have it all – he can dress, he can party & he can dribble! With his love for casual style & beanies (LOTS of them), bubbly personality and fist pumps & hugs coming from each corner, it’s impossible to miss him. We caught up with Paolo one chilly evening and talked about him & his brand WSDM that believes you are who you surround yourself with. Read More

A Different View at Anti-Bullying Campaigns

Majority of campaigns we see popping up each year around Pink T-Shirt Day focuses on the victims of bullying. They challenge us to identify the bullies and stop them before they hurt another person. The question is though, what is the point of identifying the aggressors or reporting them if we can’t really “stop” them or many times we are not even present to protect the victim? Maybe we should change the usual approach and think what is prompting bullies to bully others. Read More

Info Session: Join Our Pack

We would love to invite all social media | fashion | photography | graphic design animals to the club’s info session on Wednesday, March 2 at 6:30 PM in B236 where we will go over a short presentation on what Langara Digital Club is, why you should join, what the future of the club holds (yes we can predict the future) plus answer any questions you may have (one question = one brownie point). Read More