Our Nest


Martina Ondrasekova

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If Martina were a t-shirt, it would say CRAZY + LOUD. She tries to live by “oh well’s” rather than “what if’s” and she continually pushes herself to grow and do things so that uncomfortable becomes comfortable. Martina’s obsessed with pop culture, PEOPLE, YouTubers (any Shane D or Kingsley army in da house?), Elon Musk, fashion, Fiasco’s Raspberry Lime sorbetto, Snapchat & hashtags (sometimes she uses them in real life conversations because why not #DoNotDareToJudgeMe).
When she manages to escape from behind her computer/mobile screen, Martina can be found whipping up Hot For Food recipes while watching The Simpsons for zillion times, wishing she had a pug, or zipping through the city on her bike, named Tesla B.




helenHelen Zhou 


Helen likes to broaden her knowledge of all things fashion, beauty, food, and arts through several social media platforms. She hopes to improve her photography, design, and writing skills while also sharing with others the beauty and power of the arts. She is happy to have joined this club full of creative and diverse individuals who inspire and help each other grow.






johnJohn Pascua

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John likes clothes and Kanye. He joined the club to spread the gospels of Kanye.








Bianca1.jpgBianca So 

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Bianca is currently a third year marketing student who hopes to pursue a career in Social Media and Digital Marketing in the near future. She loves expressing her passions such as fashion and makeup, food, and travelling through her favorite social media platform – YouTube. Bianca hopes to further her knowledge of digital media with other like minded individuals through this club.






Kat2.jpgKatarzyna Krol Dusza

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Katarzyna is finishing up her publishing diploma, while working on about 100 other things. She hopes to continue her education in design, fine art, fashion and/or business (“Let’s see where the Universe takes me.”). Kat’s interest in fashion, art, and words started very early in her life and she hopes to stay connected to all of that while also encouraging sustainability and the building of community. She and her partner are currently working on creating and launching a juicing project and community garden, while she also works on Langara’s Pacific Rim Magazine for the second time.





amarantaAmar MacAllister 

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Amaranta is a first-year Langara student, who writes, draws, acts, and sleeps in her spare time. Fashion, history and art are her passions. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.







Lai.JPGPeng-Wen Lai 

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Lai is a first year student who majors in computer science and is also very much interested in social media, web design and photography. She joined Langara Digital Club because she wants to learn more about social media, and share thoughts and creative ideas with other group members have so many thoughts and creative ideas.






Brian Tam.JPGBrian Tam 

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Brian is a model and actor with an affinity for all things artistic. Fashion, makeup, music and travelling have always been essential to his lifestyle. He is no stranger to self expression, performing, and storytelling. He feels lucky to live in an age where people from around the world can connect through social media and travelling to expand our artistic horizons. Through joining this club, Brian wishes to explore the limits of social media, technology and fashion and their functions together along with his fellow club members.





brian-liBrian Li 


Brian’s hobbies include rambling on about random stuff and he often gets distracted by his own thoughts, weird right? So, if I you are still reading this, that means you know deep down inside that you embrace awkwardness just like Brian does! (looks away and back at you for confirmation) Lately he has been obsessed with paradoxes and oxymorons. That’s it. He really got nothing much to add to that.





La Reyn.jpgLa Reyn Rivera 

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La Reyn is a full-time commerce student and a part-time entrepreneur. Aside from her love for fashion, she has a bit of background in web development, interactive design and social media marketing, so she decided to run her own online clothing boutique called #LOVE. She also enjoys thrift shopping, playing with makeup, photography and singing. Lastly, penguins have a special place in her heart!



IMG_1405.JPGVictor Lu 

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Victor as a student between Langara and the University of British Columbia. Studied computer science and proceeds to further his experience through taking on projects and volunteering in website development and adminstration, namely the Langara Digital Club. With encouragement from friends and family, Victor continues to increase his horizons through means of instagram and connecting with the community. On his past times he likes to have great times with his friends and participate in fitness activites including the outdoors.





Larry.JPGLarry Ing 

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Larry is an aspiring photographer who loves sharing his unique perspective of the world with everyone.  He joined this club because he wants to be involved in his school community and hopes to share his photography skills with his peers.



braydenBrayden Cohen 

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Brayden is a full time student pursuing a bachelors of business degree in marketing management. His vast experience in marketing, ecommerce, and retail operations has given him the opportunity to learn the importance and value that each role brings to a company. Brayden’s motivation has allowed him to find the perfect balance between furthering his career in the field of marketing while finding time to create new opportunities with his personal development. He’s always finding the newest thrills – whether it’s local eats in Vancouver, browsing the web for trends in music, fashion, and culture, or drinking his favorite beer at a neighborhood craft brewery. Brayden believes everything happens for a reason and life’s a journey waiting to be traveled.




leahLeah Hoang Yen

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Leah is first-year student at Langara College who has been in love with dancing for years and she performed with her dance group in Vietnam in many schools. Leah loves street style fashion and fashion events. That’s one of the reasons she joined Langara Digital Club. She also wants to experience Vancouver fashion and connect with Langara students.






Kimberly.JPGKimberly Thom

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Kimberly is a 4th year student who is interested in cinematography. Art and music are a big part of her life – she enjoys going to small DJ shows and music events whenever she can. Aside from this, Kimberly also does hip hop dancing and used to compete competitively with a dance team. She joined this club in hopes of gaining more experience in digital arts and to experiment with different creative outlets.





Nandan.JPGNandan Mylavarapu

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Nandan is a Visual Effects artist who is currently dabbling in software development. He is an experienced digital designer and photographer. He works as a freelance artist helping movie makers and artists across borders. Nandan has been a part of multiple tech startups and worked at Microsoft Accelerator. When he manages to break away from his computer, he enjoys playing badminton or guitar.



Julima.JPGJulima Gallardo

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Julima is your tiny unfashionable neighbour in hopes to inspire, innovate and change through creative outlets of social media. She escapes from reality portraying her personality through her unconventional Vancouver outfits. Currently in her 2nd year of the Business Management Diploma Program she is actively involved managing other companies social media handles such as Sovereign Dance Company and Brand Promoter jobs with TOPSHOP TOPMAN. She hopes to create revolutionary change with media in Vancouver alongside Langara Digital Club.





Sarthak Arora Sarthak1.JPG

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Sarthak loves food and food loves him back (his abs are covered with love). Sarthak is a social animal and he has been spreading smiles since 1998. He is currently enrolled in the first year at Langara, likes EDM (abbreviation for Electronic Dance Music) and good music. Friends are life.







Ashish.JPGAshish Dutta

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People call Ashish a creative genius because he is pretty much good at everything. He is also passionate about playing piano and photography. Ashish is interested in living “off the screens and in the moment” life. His favourite colour is black (yup, black is a colour) because it’s a mix of every possible colour and he likes all of them. Ashish’s strongest trait is his friendly nature.






img_0699Hiroyuki Furuta

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Hiroyuki a.k.a. Hiro has been trying to distance himself from the mainstream society and to be unique and different ever since he was born in 1992. Born in Osaka, Japan, Hiro then spent two years in Lincoln, Nebraska, exposing himself to the “outside world” before he left Japan once again at the age of 16 for Canada and now he considers himself a “global citizen” rather than Japanese. He is very passionate about travelling, music, driving, art, design etc. Hiroyuki has traveled to eight countries so far and he hopes to add more. He listens to almost any kind of electronic music especially Future House, Deep House and anything that he thinks is cool.
Although he does not have an automobile at this time, he loves to drive as he enters his “zen” state while driving which often outsmarts traffic. The artsy side of Hiro was awaken when he visited a modern Art museum at Pompidou Centre in 2013 and has been crazy about the art, especially modern art, since then. He is fascinated with the power of design and has a strong interest in traditional Japanese designs. He is hoping to gain the skill to produce and spread something cool by joining and get involved with LDC.

IMG_4408Folukè Ogunyannwo

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There are similarities between Folukè and a crow, namely the love of things that sparkle. The similarities end there as she is not part of the aves class of vertebrates. She misses many busses, and cannot pick a favourite colour.

MelissaMelissa Dizon 


Melissa is a 3rd year accounting student who has found a passion for marketing and design. Just like most millennials, Melissa loves the thrill of social media and all things digital. She is always looking for new ways to further her skill set and has found different ways of applying these skills to various jobs and school courses. This club not only creates a perfect space to utilize these skills but also creates a space to meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion.

Chris_Da_LDCChris Da 


Chris, a man with a strong passion for the art of nature, combined a unique way of cinematography with creativity. Chris started his career at the age of 10 and gathered numerous accomplishments by recording the detail of everything. Drone has introduced a brand-new world to his sight, illuminated his inspiration. He’s constantly seeking the true definition of art.