7 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself on Valentine’s Day

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The Value of Eco Fashion Week

Visually stunning – each collection of designer pieces had a story to tell; the vibrations were high, and bright with love. Sustainable fashion is certainly on the same level as haute couture, in regards to the skill and love needed to create one piece, such as the fascinating collections seen at this years’ EcoFashion Week, held in Seattle’s Canvas Event Space.

The Fine Line Between Fantasy and Reality

The room lights up with bright visuals from the massive screen, and the runway is illuminated. In the opening video, a model strides around and poses in a harshly lit underground parking garage, dressed in Alex S. Yu’s newest collection.

Hipster Barbie And Her Legacy

Strategically positioned coffee mugs and lifestyle magazines: check. Artfully arranged travel must haves: check. Perfectly styled outdoor escapades: check. Magazine-worthy gf/bf moment: check.

A Different View at Anti-Bullying Campaigns

Majority of campaigns we see popping up each year around Pink T-Shirt Day focuses on the victims of bullying. They challenge us to identify the bullies and stop them before they hurt another person. The question is though, what is the point of identifying the aggressors or reporting them if we can’t really “stop” them or many times we are not even present to protect the victim? Maybe we should change the usual approach and think what is prompting bullies to bully others.