Hello 2017

That moment when you see the infinite possibilities of 2017! Everything feels right and new and you did not get a chance to break any of the New Year’s resolutions just yet. But before you head to the overpopulated gym, let me backtrack a bit. 2016 was a brutal year for many reasons and let’s not list them here because I want this blog post to have that 2017 feel – full blown positivity embellished with glowing LET’S DO THIS!

TWO ZERO ONE SIX was amazing year for our club. We started a year from now, grew, shrunk and then grew once more. We laughed, we experienced, we learnt and connected. With each other and you. While Urban Dictionary has nothing nice to say about LDC, our 2016 memories need no special intro as they speak for themselves.

COOL enhanced-buzz-3183-1426171511-16 WE DID IN 2016

Gave Shout Outs to Langara Students

Did Cool Interviews

Celebrated PRIDE Through Donuts (cuz food is love)

Traveled to Seattle for #EFW

Sat First Row (well ok fourth, but still sitting) at #VFW

Gave Away

Threw  The Biggest Designer Fashion Sale


Did a LinkedIn Photo Shoot

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