The Fine Line Between Fantasy and Reality

The room lights up with bright visuals from the massive screen, and the runway is illuminated. In the opening video, a model strides around and poses in a harshly lit underground parking garage, dressed in Alex S. Yu’s newest collection.

She makes stoic, alluring eye contact with the viewer, and neon words spell out messages:


Our eyes are drawn to the runway as the first model makes her way out. The outfit is soft red, with a glittering green purse, and a captivating up-do. Action figures are pinned into her hair. Upon closer inspection, the audience makes out the familiar, signature outfits of the Power Rangers team, who are all showcased in the collection as hair accessories.



Model after model graces the stage, draped in garments revelling in bright colour and asymmetrically avantgarde designs. The collection has an almost science fiction element to it, and paired with the Power Rangers gracing the heads of the models like a quirky, retro crown, it’s clear that Yu takes inspiration from big ideas to make his own.


The bold attitude of the show stands out from the sophisticated yet complacent collections from many of the others, as well as the wearability and visible comfort. The person wearing the pieces definitely could not be someone who’s afraid of taking style risks or likes to stick to a safe, black-and-white wardrobe colour palette.

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The outfits are reminiscent of past styles, such as the ’80s, ’90s and early ’00s. True to this suspicion, the innovator, Alex S. Yu himself, informs the audience during his acceptance speech of the Nancy Mak Award that the collection is inspired by nostalgia, and his own personal memories from growing up as part of an immigrant family.

PS: The award for most #goals Instagram goes to… Alex S. Yu.

Photos by John Pascua & Amaranta MacAllister

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