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STEVEN | Fashion Profile

Meet Steven Lee. The Vancouverite who is walking, talking GQ-themed dream and far-off outlier in the city where men’s fashion is still in the early stages. Steven has never been someone you could accuse of not committing to a look. He instantly caught my eye a couple of years ago when I saw him rushing to his class on campus and my brain put him into a special folder with “GQ Goals” tag. I’ve always wondered who is this mysterious gentleman sporting perfectly polished derbys and stylish suits and when I stumbled upon his Instagram account, I knew I had to get all the answers. Steven and I hit it off at Café Artigiano one December afternoon (you read it right – this interview is long time overdue), so much so that it took everything in me not to ask — Hey, can’t you stay a little longer? — when he got a call from work after 3 hour long hang out/interview.

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#PinkShirtDay Video Is UP

If one picture is worth a thousand words, one video must be worth at least million. Our talented owl Kimberly Thom got the best moments from last Wednesday’s #PinkShirtDay taking place on Langara College’s campus.

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On Wednesday We Eat…

C O T T O N   C A N D Y.

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7 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself on Valentine’s Day


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Hello 2017

That moment when you see the infinite possibilities of 2017! Everything feels right and new and you did not get a chance to break any of the New Year’s resolutions just yet. But before you head to the overpopulated gym, let me backtrack a bit. 2016 was a brutal year for many reasons and let’s not list them here because I want this blog post to have that 2017 feel – full blown positivity embellished with glowing LET’S DO THIS!

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The Lady of Fashion

The Italians called her the “Lady of Fashion.” And so she was, as Franca Sozzani dedicated her life to supporting fashion and creativity in all its forms, although at the same time she channeled her efforts in humanitarian projects around the world.
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The Value of Eco Fashion Week

Visually stunning – each collection of designer pieces had a story to tell; the vibrations were high, and bright with love. Sustainable fashion is certainly on the same level as haute couture, in regards to the skill and love needed to create one piece, such as the fascinating collections seen at this years’ EcoFashion Week, held in Seattle’s Canvas Event Space. Read More

Halloween Is Coming

Be afraid, be very afraid… October 31 is quickly approaching and we cannot wait to dress up and practice adult trick or treating on our neighbours! Don’t forget to have lots of fun, eat unhealthy amount of candy (don’t you dare to count calories or macros this time of the year) and finally you have a valid excuse to enjoy a scary movie marathon throughout the weekend! Read More

The Fine Line Between Fantasy and Reality

The room lights up with bright visuals from the massive screen, and the runway is illuminated. In the opening video, a model strides around and poses in a harshly lit underground parking garage, dressed in Alex S. Yu’s newest collection.

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Ready, Set, Sparkle!

All that glitters may not be gold for some but sparkles are actually worth more than 24 karats gold in my world. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m drawn to shiny stuff and I bet there are plenty of other women/men out there who would cover their bodies in glitter daily if they could (for now ladies cover your hair roots and armpits while men can add extra bling to their beards). Read More